Web Hosting Only Service...

 Simply Web Hosting...

LIFESTYLEHOST has for many years provided UK based hosting provider services to ensure quality of service for business clients. 

Our'Hosting only' packages are designed to meet the needs of various sized businesses, looking to control their own content with top level, easy to operate add-ons.

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LIFESTYLESHOST includes two "Web Builder" packages for those wanting to build and control their own website design.

This enables anyone without HTML or web design experience to build and maintain their own website. We can, if required, create your website for you. (HERE)

Manual Setup Service...
We have noticed over the last few years that the vast majority of our existing clients have actually preferred our manual 'personal' set-up service.

We removed our fully automated service in 2008 and don't charge any extra for providing manual set up. The majority of our clients like to know that they are actually dealing with a human being rather than a machine, and are therefore more relaxed when entering or receiving information compared with an automated system. Having said this - the only element that is automated is the initial hosting package purchase, which is handled through ®PayPal. (You don't need a ®PayPal account to use ®PayPal, although it does help. If you prefer to pay by Standing Order - please contact us.)

This helps those who are new to the web by making it a much easier experience. Although this may take a fraction longer to handle than a fully automated service, the 'comfort factor' helps, knowing you are receiving that personal touch.

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Domain Names... 
We do not provide a domain name only purchasing service.

If you are purchase a hosting service from us, then we will, if required, purchase the domain name on your behalf.

We make no profit from domian name purchases - you will only pay what it actually costs us. Alternatively, you can purchase it directly yourself. If at some later date you don't wish to administer it, we can then arrange to transfer it in to ourselves if you prefer.

One advantage of us purchasing it ony our behalf is that it allows us to alter the DNS references immediately at the time of purchase, thereby allowing for a quicker hosting setup and web presence.

Many clients come to us with an existing domain name, as they are only seeking new hosting, and that's absolutely fine. The domain name does not need to be transferred in to us in order to use our hosting as some others may require. Your domain can remain with the original agent from whom you originally purchased it, and the DNS reference changes (which we will advise you of) can be made by you, via them. 

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